Wet Nose = Healthy Puppy?

Understanding the “telltail” signs of  a healthy dog is every bit as important as making and keeping your veterinary appointments for regular checkups. Learn how to recognize what a cold nose could mean about your dogs’ health.

It could be true that the cold wet nose of your dog means she is healthy. Maybe.

Your dog is always putting his nose in places we would never put ours, right? Dogs are Curious by nature, and their sense of smell drives them to sniff anything and everything they are interested in. But, don’t panic if you find your dog has a dry warm nose.  Their nose rotates between extremes of cold and wet to hot and wet or cold and dry to hot and dry all day long.  However, it is not usually normal for a dog to have a dry and cracked nose for an extended period of time. If you see this, you should take it too the veterinarian.

By the same token, a constantly cold or runny nose could be a sign of a respiratory illness, just like yours.