Award-winning Local Hidden Dog Fence Dealer

Pet DeFence® has over 180 x “5-Star” Google reviews, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and nine “Angie’s List® Super Service Provider Awards” with over 140+ ” A+” reviews across four different categories. And they love us on Yelp!.

Roger McCoy, founder, and owner of Pet DeFence® has more years of experience in this industry than the other two leading hidden fence companies owners and salespersons combined.

Pet DeFence is the Top Choice for Local Veterinarians for a Hidden Dog Fence

74 local veterinarians recommend Pet DeFence® hidden dog fences and 32 veterinarians trust their dogs’ lives to our underground dog fences, even after owning and changing from another brand of electronic underground fencing, including the Invisible Fence® brand.

Check our Vet References to see if your vet is on our list.

We are a small business taking care of your family pet, and we care. We grew this business from a family meeting at the dinner table, a rescued dog, and a dream in 1993.

Pet DeFence aims to make your dog a better member of your family. Our customers frequently report that a Pet DeFence hidden dog fence was the best thing their family ever did for their dog.

These are just some of the reasons we are different from other hidden dog fence companies:

Relaxed, Playful and Rewarding Training
Owner Roger McCoy developed the revolutionary SafeYard™ playful and low-stress training technique. He earned advanced certification in the copyrighted “Lite Touch™” training methodologies (less than a dozen people in the world are certified to this level). With SafeYard™, we will teach your dog gentle playful lessons using love, treats, patience, understanding, and awareness, not fear. This unique training emphasizes low stress with minimum use of stimulation, not just during training, but for the rest of your dog’s life.

Exclusive Focus
Pet DeFence is our only business. We have been installing and gently training dogs on hidden fences since 1993. We have thousands of satisfied customers in the greater Kansas City and Lawrence areas, most of them in Johnson County. When you call us, we are there in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on timely, professional service.

Professional Membership
Roger is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. This is important to you and your dog because we stay on top of the latest innovations in dog training and containment. Our customers know that we are passionate about our business and that we love their dogs. We know how to work with dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

Veterinarian Backing
More than 73 local vets exclusively recommend us. And 35 of these local vets trust their own dogs’ lives to Pet DeFence.

Happy Customers
Pet DeFence is not just there when we install your fence, we’ll be there during the life of your dog whenever you need us. That’s why the majority of our business comes from referrals. Many of our happy customers have called us to install our fences when they move to new homes and recommend us to their children when they grew up as well as to their friends and neighbors.

Help With Conventional Fences
Nearly one-third of our business involves installing our hidden fence inside of an existing physical fence. As many of our customers have found out too late, their wrought iron fences are too wide, wooden fences too weak, and chain-link fences too low to be effective for their dogs. Many dogs will dig under above-ground fences and leave their yards. Other dogs are injured or become depressed when tied to a tree or stake.

Freedom and Fun
Our customers’ dogs have plenty of freedom every day. They learn their boundaries quickly, and then for the rest of their lives, they enjoy the benefits of off-leash, in-yard adventures.

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