Your dog will be trained in the gentlest fashion. We aim to make your yard a safe, happier and more rewarding place than it was before we started. That’s the Pet DeFence promise. But it’s not just for meek dogs. This method works for them all.” – Roger McCoy – Owner

Relaxed, Playful and Rewarding Training

Owner Roger McCoy developed the revolutionary SafeYard™ playful and low-stress training technique. He earned advanced certification in the copyrighted “Lite Touch™” and “Gentle Steps™” training methodologies (less than a dozen people in the world are certified to this level). With SafeYard™, we will teach your dog gentle playful lessons using love, treats, patience, understanding, and awareness, not fear. This unique training emphasizes low stress with minimum use of stimulation, not just during training, but also for the rest of your dog’s life.

Distractions? No Problem.

During “SafeYard™” dog training, your pet learns the process thoroughly. During this awareness stage of training, while on a leash, your pet only receives the tiniest stimulation. This convinces your pet that squirrels, cats, deer, distractions and other enticements can come and go. However, your dog will stay in the yard. After a few weeks, most people begin to remove the flags from the yard and they trust their pets to stay safe at home!

Dogs can get so well trained that they don’t leave to chase a cat. 


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