Pet DeFence Reviews and Testimonials

Google Reviews:  We have over 170 x “5-Star” reviews.

Angie’s List: Every year from 2012 to the present, we have received Angie’s List “Super Service Award” with 140 “A” reviews across 4 categories.

YELP!  Loves us too. See our “5-Star” reviews

Many Veterinarians Are Customers of Pet DeFence

Dr. Gary Keffer DVM – Blue Valley Animal Hospital – Stanley, KS
“I am a veterinarian at Blue Valley Animal Hospital and a pet owner. I use and endorse the Pet De Fence hidden dog fence system as I have it installed on my property. From installation through training of my pets, the staff of Pet De Fence was courteous and knowledgeable. They not only took the time to install the fence but to explain its proper use and answered my questions. My Pet De Fence system today is as efficient and useful as ever, and I could not be more satisfied with my experience with the Pet De Fence Company.”

Dr. Ann McHugh, DVM – Lionsgate Pet Hospital – Overland Park, KS
“I thoroughly appreciate my Pet De Fence Hidden Dog Fence! My Australian Shepherd puppy quickly learned her boundaries, and I am confident that she is safe and secure in our yard. This hidden fence system cost me less than a conventional fence, and it gives me the ability to enjoy an unobstructed view.”

Dr. Bill Buchman, DVM – Summit Park Animal Hospital – Lee’s Summit, MO
“I wanted to let you know how well our new Pet De Fence system is working – and how happy we and our lab “Nikki” are using it. Nikki loves to go outside many-times-a-day – way more often than we have the time to take him out on a leash. while we still take him for walks around the neighborhood, he is really happy to be able to go out several more times every day now that we know he will stay safely in our yard. Even with this recent cold snowy weather, Nikki likes to go out for a few minutes several times daily – even late at night. We’re not very interested in standing out in that weather very much – so the Pet De Fence has made everyone here really happy! Nikki loves playing in the snow, and we like watching him from inside.”

“As a Veterinarian in practice for 30 years, I’ve been involved with many different dog training programs to try to train dogs to follow certain behaviors and to react in certain ways to a situation. I was extremely pleased that you were so careful and thorough with your plan of training us and Nikki in order to make extra sure that our Pet De Fence system was going to work successfully for us. The extra time that you took to explain and answer all of our questions was greatly appreciated. Thanks for calling us back the same day that we called you about something that we were not real sure about.”

“Once I began to understand how important your training plan was to the success of the fence, I was awfully glad that we had chosen your company for our fence! We actually got your name from friends that you did a fence for this year and are really happy with it also – so I am thankful for their recommendation also. Thanks again & Nikki really thank you.”

We even have reviews from former Invisible Fence® brand Customers and other Hidden Dog Fencing Brands

Dr. Ron T, MD – Overland Park, KS – 2 Wheatons  – (former Invisible Fence® brand customer)
“Dear Roger, I am writing this letter to thank you for all your help in getting our pet fence issues resolved. Needless to say, we are delighted with the results. I want to tell you how impressed we were with both your product and your professionalism.

I have dealt with another fence company for years and have been less than impressed in the past. Your product is much easier to use than our old system. The fact that we can buy our batteries from the local grocery store is a huge improvement over having to drive halfway across town to buy extremely expensive and short-lived specialty batteries! I was also very thankful for the timeliness in responding to our needs. We had gotten your name on a recommendation from a neighbor (who also switched from the other company) and were pleasantly surprised that you were able to help us out so quickly.”
“One of the best aspects of our experience was the professionalism exhibited by both you and your employees. I am always cautious and often concerned with some of the people sent to my home when I need service. I am often reluctant to have many of these people in my house when I am home much less when it is just my wife. It’s comforting when I can develop a relationship with someone I trust.

Again, thank you very much for your timely assistance. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Tim P –  Prairie Village, KS – Black Lab – (Former Invisible Fence® brand customer)

“This is my second hidden fence. The first was a different brand. Roger took the time to train and to explain everything all over again. I was amazed at the difference! He took his time and showed lots of patience with my family and pets. The other people did not take the proper time to explain things so thoroughly. I wish Pet De Fence had put the first fence in for me.”

The city recently cut our fence when they dug up my yard. We needed service in a few days, but these guys came immediately. They treated it like it was a true emergency.  A+++

Arlene B. – “Awesome”  

The installer and trainer were very nice and helpful.

Karen D. –  “Great Customer Service”

We have been so pleased with Pet Defence. They have been very professional and responsive from the very beginning when they were putting in the fence, training (really well done), and any troubleshooting that was needed. I am very comfortable with their staff and appreciate the service!

Todd E. – “Great experience and works well”

Training went well with our dog which he is very difficult to train. Install and instructions went great. Overall great experience. Would hire again in a minute.

Renee A. – “Great Service and Training”  

With the addition of a new puppy, we hired Pet Defence to reactivate our existing underground dog fence. The owner of Pet Defence (Roger) was very professional, promptly responded to my calls and spent two hours with us on the initial training of our puppy. His technician (Amado) did an excellent job of figuring out the convoluted system we had in place and after a couple of hours he was able to reactivate our fence.

Bob E. “Pet DeFence is Awesome!” 

It was put in fast and efficiently. The training was excellent and our dog, Darby loves the freedom. Probably the best part is that we don’t have a big, wood fence blocking our view.

Scott & Linda P Stanley, KS
Polish Sheepdog (Former Invisible Fence® brand customer)
“We used to have another brand. We got another dog that needed more room to run. Roger came out and reinstalled the other fence for us. However, we started having problems with the other equipment. Roger replaced it with his brand and everything has worked great since. Installation and training were both effective. When we need service, it is always handled promptly.”

Mary J.  Raintree Lake, MO
(Former customer of the other major brand)
“Just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” for providing us with same-day service when my system wasn’t working (and the other company would not respond to my request for service) AND the pleasant way in which I was serviced by your tech. He was most helpful and pleasant. I look forward to continued business in the future for not only my animals but in recommending someone I can depend on to treat clients I work with like everyone is special and no job is too small. Thanks again! Mary”

Karen Y. Leawood, KS
It was such a welcome pleasure to deal with your service professional last week. Your service was timely, efficient and helpful. I wish our cable company could have some training classes from your corporation. They need it, along with some other service companies we have used recently. Thank you for truly servicing the needs of the customer. I will be recommending you to all my friends with pets.

Judy H & Garrett D – KCK – Doberman

We wanted to take the time to let you know how well we like the Pet DeFence products, training, and personnel.

We have had the Pet DeFence system on our 3-acre yard for over 10-years.  In all of that time, we have not had one wire break or any sort of malfunction with the equipment.  We haven’t had to call Pet DeFence even one time after the original installation.  It is certainly nice to have a great product that will stand the test of time!

Our original dog passed a year ago and we added a new one shortly thereafter. You recently came and helped us train our 9-month old Doberman Pinscher puppy with your wonderful “SafeYard™” training program.  You gave us a complete training system to work with, showing us how to complete the training humanely without fear or stress from excessive shock.  Our pup had only been training on the fence for two days and he already knew to back away as soon as he heard the beeping noise.  He has only gotten a couple of tiny warning shocks. It surely gets his attention without stressing him.

The training calendar you provided has been wonderful and we appreciate all your time and expertise to work with us until you felt we had it down and could handle the training by ourselves. 

You mentioned a couple of times that you are always available by phone and that Pet DeFence has a newly renovated website that contains a lot of information that could help us out with any technical questions we might have – this is a great asset to your training system.

Again, thanks for taking the time to come out and work with us and our dog.  We are really enjoying letting our 64-lb puppy run the whole yard and it only took a few short weeks!

If you have any clients that would like to have a reference please have them give us a call as we are very pleased with Pet DeFence and would be happy to give them a great review.

Kathy Watkins – Corgie, “Happy” the therapy dog – Raymore, MO
“Purchasing the underground dog fence was the best money I ever spent on my dog! He learned very quickly where the boundaries are and I feel perfectly at ease letting him be outside alone in the yard. No longer do I have to go outside in the middle of the night and wait while my dog finds a place to go to the bathroom and, as you know, that can often take more than a few minutes. Some of those nights were cold, snowy, or rainy. But, now I can just turn on the porch light, let my dog out, and wait inside, where it is nice and warm. Thanks Roger for an outstanding product and for helping me train my dog to understand where the boundaries are. Thanks for your help.”

Linda E – Loch Lloyd, MO- Lab

Thanks so much for helping us out with Fletcher! I really appreciate your working with me on my (un)availability. He seems to be learning quickly, and we’re hopeful of having him out on his own (while we’re at school, work, etc.) soon.

Jeff M  – Two Dogs
We bought a different brand… We wish we had done business with Pet DeFence so we could have had a choice in where we buy our batteries. The company we bought our fence from has a battery program that is twice as big a problem for us as for most people because we have two dogs! The other company has batteries that cost too much and we only get them from the company that sold us the fence. We don’t know their battery is dead until our dogs take off, or if we are lucky enough to realize the tiny light on the collar isn’t blinking anymore.

Charlotte W –  Shawnee, KS – “Xander” – Big and fast lab mix
“Dear Roger, Thank you so much for your always prompt and quality service. We appreciate working with you and your team. It’s rare to find honest, hard-working, ethical and reliable folks to work with. I look forward to working with you again for a new fence for Xander at our new home.”
“P.S. – I am always willing to be contacted as a reference.”

Jennifer S – Leawood, KS  –  Siberian Husky

“Put me down as your best customer. Boy, that other brand of hidden fence did not work for my Siberian Husky. I really messed myself up by not going with your product just to save a little money because they could not contain him at all. Have anybody call me. I will absolutely recommend you.”

A follow-up message from Jennifer 11 months later:
“Boy, you were right. Your collar worked beautifully! I even didn’t replace the collar battery recently and he still wouldn’t go outside the line.”

Ev B – Lake Quivira, KS – “Speedy” –  Wheaton Terrier –

“Thank you Roger! I just want to say your level of professionalism and customer service is outstanding. The fence is everything you guaranteed and more, I only wish we had called you when Speedy was a puppy.”

“With his wonderful “SafeYard™” training, Speedy learned in the first week and we couldn’t be happier. It works because of the amount of time and energy you spent teaching us how to train our dog. We never have to worry about her leaving our yard. Speedy is tested daily with all of the dog walkers in our neighborhood, some of whom bring their dogs into our yard. The Pet DeFence electronic pet fence works and we would highly recommend you and your pet services to any pet owner!”

Barbara C – Boston Terrier – Lawrence, KS
“It has been a little over a month since you installed our fence and I can’t tell you what a difference it has made! Ling is happy with his new freedom and I am relieved of any worries of his chasing cars, running away, etc. My vet immediately noticed the difference in Ling. She said on our last visit that he was like a pressure cooker ready to blow and he was noticeably so much calmer. My children who have visited since the fence has been installed say he is absolutely a different dog. I have told many people about you and I hope this will mean more clients for you. I consider it the best money I have ever spent. Thank you for your instruction and help”

Kelly L –  Leawood, KS
“I just wanted to tell you how very, very, very happy we are, Annie has gotten this fence thing figured out. It is wonderful. It is working so well with her. It is so enjoyable now to have her out in the yard running around playing. She’s doing great. She has not run away. She just stays in the yard and we are so so happy and we just wanted you to know that and thank you for your help in getting us to this point. Again we are just enjoying having her outside with us. So thank you very much.” (This was transcribed from a voice-mail message. Kellys’ children sometimes chased Annie into the busy street to save her, thus threatening the lives of the children. We solved several big problems for Kelly the day we trained Annie to stay home.)

Ann D. – Mission Hills, KS – BTwo Bichon Frise
“I would give up all of the appliances in my new kitchen before I would give up the dog fence Pet De Fence put in for me. Roger has a magic way with my dogs.”

Deanna G – Stillwell, KS – Border collie mix
“I waited a year and a half to decide to have Roger put the fence in for Sox. I wish we had done it sooner. I was very skeptical since we waited so long. Sox used to have the run of the neighborhood. I am very pleased that it has worked so wonderfully. My husband thought it was going to be a total waste of money. It is so nice to let the dog out without any concerns. When I needed service, Roger was easy to reach. He remembered my pet’s name and me! He came out and fixed us the same day I called.”

Stewart T – Lake Quivira, KS – Maltese
“Thanks to our veterinarian for recommending Pet De Fence. We are still dog owners today because of Pet De Fence. It is the best thing we ever bought for our dogs.”

Vicky F – Overland Park, KS – Two big dogs
“I just wanted to tell you that the fence is just working excellent. We have not had any problems. The dogs have completely stayed away from the fence in the backyard, and no escapes. It was great last night as we could sit out on the front porch for the first time ever with the two big dogs. We could just sit there and be happy. Your fence is working out great.”

Ann & Phil C – Leawood, KS – Dalmatian
“We had a difficult Dalmatian. Since Pet De Fence installed the hidden fence, she has been so much more manageable. I especially love the indoor system. The remote trainer helps a lot when I walk her. When I called Roger for service, he was right on the spot the same day. We even take our fence to our lake home.”

Bob and Marsha L – Lee’s Summit – Tiny Yorkie
“Roger did what he said he would do when he said he would do it. He is very prompt and reliable. This is a rarity in today’s world. The system works even better than I expected. We called Roger three times to fix cut wires from construction workers next door. Roger knew who I was as soon as he answered the telephone and fixed my fence the same day every time. I’m glad I did business with Pet De Fence.”

Trina N – Stillwell, KS – Two labs
“Fabulous – We were able to get a second lab because it worked so well on the first. Roger did a great job training our dog. When our daughter runs to the bus, the dogs stop a couple of feet from the fence. We could probably leave the collars off, but we won’t.”

Barbara Robson – Kansas City, MO
Two crazy mixed breed terriers
“Roger, thank you so much. You have changed our lives in such a good way. Because of you, we can have our dogs. Our dog fence keeps them at home and safe because I am too old to chase anymore.”

Lisa S – Tonganoxie, KS
We live outside of town and have two collies. There are lots of wildlife distractions where we live as well as very fast traffic on the highway in front of our home. We had just finished our SafeYard™ training for our new rescue dog, Shaughnessy, when we faced two crucial tests.

The first – as I walked down the driveway to get the mail, our two cats tagged along. Shaughnessy gladly would have joined us, but amazingly, he stopped inside the fence and waited for our return. The next day, he passed another test. We were in the hot tub when a low growl rumbled from Shaughnessy’s throat at the sight of several stray dogs roaming in the field behind our home. Shaughnessy took off. “Oh no”, we thought helplessly – “He’s going to run through the fence”. But instead, our Shaughnessy stopped inside the fence and defended his territory from there. I was so proud and relieved. Both our collies mind the fence. It is such a comfort and relief knowing we can let the dogs out and know they are safe. Thank You Pet DeFence!

Margaret I – Warrensburg, MO
“When my fence stopped working, I didn’t know what to do as the people who originally installed the system were no longer in business. The manufacturer referred me to Roger McCoy of Pet DeFence. Roger did a great job of working with me over the phone and saved me considerable money by avoiding a costly drive to Warrensburg from the city. He sent me what was needed and my system was soon up and running again. Thank You Roger!”

Byron C – Cooper remains within the bounds of my mother’s yard. Thanks very much for your help with him and with Ling Po before him. I hope everything is well with you.

Claudia M – The fence you installed last year works great. Darla, our beagle, let’s her ball roll to the street, then sits and barks for us to retrieve it. Yes, we fetch the ball for her. It even works away from our yard. Darla thinks there is also a fence in my mom’s yard, but there isn’t. She won’t leave her yard either, and barks for us to fetch a ball from the street there too!


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