Overhead Power Line Interference

We recently received a question about overhead power line interference with our fence. This was a really big transmission line. Not like the ones that most of us have going to our home.

Our fence uses a digital signal within a range of potential frequencies and modulations. We can choose from the best for the situation. 

I understand that the interference a power line creates is purely magnetic (from our perspective). We just hope it does not occur across the entire spectrum of frequencies we have to choose from. Even then, we can select different sensitivities within a frequency and adjust our modulation.

Over 20 years ago I researched with a customer using his gauss meter who had the same scenario (but closer) to his family home.  His meter showed higher than normal background readings, but the analog option we used at that time was unaffected.

We are looking for a magnetic signal wrapped in a digitally modulated envelope. One without the other does not affect the fence.

However, if after we install the fence, you suspect any issues, please let us know so we can adjust our signal (or move the wire if necessary) and report it to the manufacturer.
After 28 years in the business, I still get excited to find something new!