Your phone is already connected to your life. Why isn’t it connected to your dog? – Introducing the LiNK™ Bluetooth-connected rechargeable collar.

Imagine the world’s tiniest, lightest and rechargeable containment collar. Now imagine connecting this Bluetooth collar to your pet fence system through your smartphone. Stop dreaming. The wait is over and you can only get it thru Pet DeFence. LiNK is a Bluetooth-enabled dog fence receiver and smartphone app made exclusively by Pet Stop. LiNK monitors your pet’s behavior and the working state of the receiver. You can proactively adjust your collar’s settings with a quick click.

You can even contact and message us (your dealer) through the app. With LiNK you’ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will we if you ever need help troubleshooting your dog’s behavior or his collar. I can even send you programming changes for your dog’s collar over the air.

LINK makes it all so easy. LiNK’s breakthrough technology forever changes the peace of mind you get from your hidden dog fence.

With LiNK, you can instantly access more receiver settings than with any other manufacturer’s brand.

Only LiNK receivers and Smartphone app give you access to:

LiNK App
  • The world’s smallest (3/4 oz) for the small dogs in your life for greater comfort and better for larger dogs as well – Comfort fit
  • Gentle Spring Contact Points – Comfort and consistent contact = Less stress and greater safety
  • Lower correction levels for tiny dogs – Less Shock = Less Stress for you and your furry buddy.
  • A remote training collar feature for off-leash training – Eases your ability to fix behavior problems
  • On-the-fly shock level adjustments – Speed and convenience
  • A night-light feature built into the receiver to visually monitor dogs at night from a distance – Security
  • Access to thousands of programming options for special circumstances – Training ease
  • Simple training level adjustments during the SafeYard® training period – Training ease
  • Reviewable warning history to see the progress of your dog’s training – Knowledge is power – Safety
  • Battery recharge alert on your phone so you know before your dog – Safety and convenience
  • Help in finding a misplaced collar using tones and signal strength monitoring – Ease and safety
  • “Stopper” and “Push-Back” feature for stubborn dogs that test the fence – Training ease
  • Higher correction levels that make “trouble-makers,” think twice before testing the fence – Training ease
  • Your dealer can send customized programs for “special” dogs to the LINK App  – Convenience

Call today (913-345-2533) and be the first in your neighborhood to use a LiNK receiver.

First and foremost, LiNK is the smallest and lightest fence receiver in the industry. In addition to this, LiNK takes us a step further by removing all the worry out of dog fence ownership by using Bluetooth technology and the internet to keep you, your pet, your dealer and the manufacturer connected. Not only does LiNK keep you up to date on whether your pet has challenged the fence, but also your pet’s activity and collar status. It also links back to your dealer and the manufacturer, giving you the peace of mind that we are all working together to keep your pet at home safe where it belongs. If invited, your dealer has the ability to send you a special setting to your collar. Access to all of the system features is at your fingertips. Chinese-made Invisible Fence® brand, Dog Watch® brand and most retail fences sold through Amazon lack this American made technology manufactured right into your Pet Stop® Fencing System.

With Link you’ll always be able to check the battery level with an easy-to-read visual in the app. Link’s closed battery system makes it 100% waterproof for pool and lake access. It recharges in 2-3 hours and comes with a diagnostic charging stand. When your LiNK receiver needs charging you’ll receive notice thru the app on your phone in addition to the LiNK’s low battery light blinking for up to 7 days giving you plenty of time to charge it. Simply charge it overnight and your dog is ready to visit your yard again in the morning!

LiNK’s remote training feature allows you to use your containment collar and your smartphone as a Training Collar. LiNK is really two collars in one. The industry’s only professional system combines both features into one receiver. This feature aids you in behavior modifications for things like jumping, counter-surfing and nuisance barking to name just a few. Reliably make corrections from over 75 feet away depending on your smartphone’s Bluetooth range.

Activating the Night Light feature allows you to track your dog in the yard more easily at night. Every 2-3 seconds a bright light inside the receiver case flashes! Turn on the night light before you let your dog out at night into his Pet Stop fence and enjoy the convenience of seeing your dog roam the yard behind your window.

You can also control your Dog’s Correction Level for the Pet Stop Electric Fence out in the yard. You have complete control of your Underground Fence System right at your fingertips. Gentile StepsTM Training allows you to control the correction value while your dog is in his Training Phase. Only Pet Stop offers a Gentle Approach to Training your pet. Your Installer will show you how everything works so you’ll know exactly what to do! This Really is Fence Training Made Easy.

Communicate with your dealer real-time – With just a simple click you can contact PetDeFence Hidden Dog Fences of KC for any reason to obtain service, ask a question or give us feedback about your system by email, phone, or text. Your connected LiNK Bluetooth receiver makes it all so easy.

LiNK provides a reviewable snapshot of your dog’s behavior on the fence. This snapshot of warnings and corrections allows you to judge how your dog’s training is advancing on your fence and whether you should change the correction levels or even reach out to your dealer for advice and help.

With Pet Stop’s LiNK, unlike other brands, you are able to connect multiple pet receiver-collars to your phone app and each dog’s settings are customized to their personal needs. In other words, one collar can be set very low for a sensitive dog, and very high for a more assertive dog. Other brands are all set at the same shock levels. LiNK allows big dogs and little dogs, in big yards and small to all exist together and all on the same LiNK app at the same time.

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