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LINK Overview Video

Changing the Shock Level on the Pet Stop Link Collar


Recharging LINK’s Battery

Note: Link’s battery will hold a charge for a few days and sometimes for weeks when new.

How to use and understand the diagnostic charging cradle

  1. Insert your link receiver into the charging cradle.
    • Properly align the Link into the charging cradle. The correction contact posts point down into the holes of the Cradle. The flat charge pin pm the side of the Link faces forward toward the front and aligns or indexes into the notch of the Cradle. 
    • Press down on the link until the retaining lever swings over the top of the receiver.
  2. Observe the flashing lights and beeping of the diagnostic charger as the Charging Cradle initiates a diagnostic test of the receiver at the beginning of each Charge cycle. 
    • Red and Green lights alternate to indicate the Charging Cradle is working properly. 
    • Within a few seconds, you hope to hear a few seconds of beeping followed by continuous flashing RED or GREEN light on the charging stand for about a minute.
      • Flashing GREEN light if the battery was not fully drained at the beginning of the new charge cycle. This means you passed the shock test and you still have some battery left. You may either complete the charging cycle or take it out and use it on your dog.
      • Flashing RED light if the battery was drained when you put it in the charger and no beeping. (A dead battery cannot shock, therefore it cannot pass the test. A fully drained battery can sometimes take up to four back-to-back charges before it will pass the diagnostic test.) This means the charging stand will continue to flash a RED light during the remainder of the charge cycle. Your collar may finish with a solid RED light at the end of the charge cycle. If this occurs, you should charge the collar up to three more times back to back. You can stop charging at the end of any cycle that finishes GREEN. If by the end of the fourth complete charging cycle your collar still finishes RED, you should contact us for a replacement. 
      • Don’t be alarmed if at the end of the charge cycle you observe that the link receiver beeped a few times and flashed a white light. This is normal, but you do not need to watch for it. 
    • At the end of the Charge cycle a few hours later
      • Solid GREEN light at the end of the charge cycle – Your charging is complete and your collar passed the shock test. Your collar is ready to use. 
      • Solid RED light at the end of the charge cycle – Your Link is not charged and it failed the shock test. This indicates your receiver may be defective. Remove and reinsert the receiver and complete three more charge cycles before you notify us. If at the end of the 4th charging cycle you still have a solid RED light call to arrange for a replacement.


Several Possibilities of things that might have gone wrong with your high tech receiver:

You are on this page because you are having trouble with your LiNK receiver. Please rest assured that if the battery is charged, the fence is plugged in, the wire is not cut, your pet is wearing the collar, proper contact is maintained and your dog was completely trained, then the collar will still function as a containment collar.   

There are several possibilities that could be leading to your problem:

  1. The battery in your LiNK receiver needs charging. – Likely (Charge the collar three or four times, back-to-back, to see if the “Done Charging” light finishes GREEN. Finishing RED two or three times in a row may only mean that your collar battery is so deeply discharged and low when you put it on the charger that it needed multiple charges to refresh it.)
  2. The charging stand is dead – Possible (Try your other charger if you have two and compare)
  3. The charging stand is plugged into an electrical outlet that does not have power.  – Not likely (Change outlets)
  4. Your Smartphone may be having Bluetooth problems. – Possible (Restart your phone and delete your Bluetooth cache.)
  5. Our APP is dependent upon the newest OS for your Smartphone. – Possible (If there is a new OS update for your Smartphone, please download and install it.)
  6. There may be a new version of the App available that will fix your issue. – Possible. (The App name changed just a little in 2021 and therefore your phone did not know to auto-update. Look for a new app using the words “Pet Stop Link” at your app store. If you find a new App, delete your old one and download the new one.)
  7. Pet Stop periodically updates the app for your smartphone, so please be sure you have your apps set to auto-update so you always have the latest and most up-to-date app. – Possible (Note: This is not the same as when they create a new app with a slightly different name as mentioned in the previous point.)
  8. Our APP is dependent upon the newest Smartphone OS. – Possible (If you have an update available, please accept it.)

Our Pet Stop LiNK App developer recommends:

  • On your phone: Please ensure Bluetooth is on and Location Services are enabled. (This is necessary for the app to function properly.)
  • Once Bluetooth is enabled, are you able to “scan” for the collar and find it while you are within 10 feet? If not, completely charge your collar two more times. 
  • After recharging three more times, try again0 to scan and connect to your collar.
  • If you still cannot connect, install the Pet Stop LiNK app on a second phone and try to connect to your collar. If you can connect with a second phone, then the issue is with your phone.

Try this next:

If you cannot connect to your LiNK receiver because of a PIN error, follow the steps below:

  • Place your LiNK in the charging device.
  • After 30 – 60 seconds your LiNK will have cycled RED – GREEN – RED – GREEN-… and settled into a steady pulsing RED or GREEN- light.  
  • Remove your LiNK from the charger.
  • Connect to the collar without a PIN (This is a “backdoor” that only works for 60 seconds)
  • After connecting, you will be prompted: “Remember Collar”. Select OK.
  • After “Remembering” your LiNK, the next prompt is “Set Collar Name”. Select OK or CANCEL. After naming your collar, you will be prompted for an “IMAGE”. Select OK or Cancel.
  • Go to SETTINGS
  • Select “Manage Collars”
  • Select “Edit Collar”
  • Observe from this page your collar “Name” and “Serial Number” – If the “Name” does not contain the four-digit PIN, you should do two things: 1) Rename the collar so it contains the 4 digits PIN. EX: “Lucky Smith 1234” 2) Change the PIN to 1234 and Rename your collar so the PIN is part of the name along with your last name so we will know who the collar belongs to in th future.
  • Exit.

Below is more information and additional instructions you should try in order to resolve your issue. Please follow ALL of the steps above and below so we can get you running again.

Please always try the following troubleshooting steps. If you ever run into any issues the first course of action is to accept and update your Smartphone with any new programs that you see have been sent to you by me (your dealer). 

After updating your app follow the steps below in order: 
1) Verify that your LiNK receiver shows up in your app. If not, go to step 2. If your receiver does show up go to step 3.
2) If your LiNK receiver does NOT show up in the app, then put your LiNK receiver in the charger. It is most likely that the battery needs a fresh charge for a few hours until the lights on the charger stop flashing and go steady RED or GREEN. After you take the collar out of the charger, try to connect within the next 60 seconds if you connect, you are done. If it does not show up in the app, call us. If it shows up and you cannot connect, proceed to step 3.
3) If your collar shows up and you still cannot connect, turn your phone off and back on. After restarting your phone, put the collar in the charger for a few minutes. Take the collar out of the charger and try to reconnect within the next 60 seconds. This is a “back door” way in and you will not need a PIN for connecting. If your LiNK shows up and you can connect, then you are fixed. 
Note: When you put your LiNK in the charger, sometimes you need to give an extra push to properly seat the three contact points. If nothing happens, try a different electrical outlet.

There are 3 possible outcomes when you place your receiver into the diagnostic charging cradle:

1) Normal with battery partially charged before the charge: When the contacts are complete, the charger should flash RED-flash GREEN-flash RED flash etc. and the LiNK makes a BEEP BEEP BEEP for 5 seconds or so. This is normal behavior. If it BEEP BEEP BEEPed at that stage then it meant there was still some charge in the battery when you put it into the charger. At the end of the charge cycle, the receiver will BEEP BEEP BEEP again and show a steady green light. That is normal and means all systems checked out OK.

2) Normal with the battery drained before the charge: When the contacts are complete, the charger should flash RED-flash GREEN-flash Red-flash, etc. and LiNK does not BEEP BEEP BEEP. This is normal behavior. If it does not BEEP BEEP BEEPed at that stage then it meant that there was NO charge in the battery when you put it into the charger. At the end of the charge cycle, the receiver may BEEP BEEP BEEP and show a steady RED light. That is normal and means all systems checked out OK except that the battery was drained before the charge. I suggest you put the LiNK back into the charging stand again for 30 seconds to see that it goes BEEP BEEP BEEP. When it does, you are assured that the receiver battery is charged and has passed the systems check.

3) Abnormal with no battery charge before the charge and maybe a bad LiNK: When the contacts are complete, the charger should flash RED-flash GREEN-flash RED, etc., and might go BEEP BEEP BEEP for 5 seconds or so. If it does not display any flashing lights or beeps, then it has failed, and either the outlet is bad, the charger is bad, or the LiNK is bad. 
A) Try a different electrical outlet
B) If you have another charger, try it.
C) If you have another LiNK try that one in the charger.
Contact me with results indicating you have a bad LiNK or charger.

And, Just so you know, the 4 digit PIN for your LiNK is either the last 4 digits of your LiNK’s serial number or “1234”. Either way, it is the pre-set PIN.  When we originally set up your receiver, we included the last 4 digits of the serial number or “1234” as part of your dog’s receiver name. For instance, you might see a receiver on your app that you can connect to in your app. The receiver might be called: “Ginny Smith – 0886” or “Ginny Smith – 1234”. In this example your PIN is the last 4 digits of the collar name, therefore your PIN = 0886 or 1234, of course, Ginny is your dog and Smith is your last name.


Blinking Lights on your LINK
RED – A blinking Red light on your collar is an alert that it is time to recharge the battery. It is okay to recharge on a weekly basis whether you have received the notification or not.
WHITE – A flashing white “Night Lite” can be turned on and off with the app. Your collar will also flash a white light when you take it out of the diagnostic charging cradle.
Please note: You don’t have to wait for a notification in the app, or for a RED blinking light to charge your Link. Most customers charge them weekly. However, please do not charge your collars every night. Charging a fully depleted battery can take up to 4 hours.

Are you in a hurry and just need a quick charge or want to test your Link just to be sure it is working? 

  1. To test your collar to verify it is working, put it in the charging cradle for about a minute and listen for the Beep Beep Beep. 
    • If you fail that test, leave it in the Cradle for the duration of the charge cycle. 
  2. A quick 15-minute charge can usually get you through the day. Just remember to fully charge it that night