I am going to aerate my yard. Should I have the wire located or marked first?

Yes. In the long run it costs much less to have us mark the wire than to repair it over and over again as it is seldom only knicked once.  The knicks in the line constantly corrode and create new breaks in the line in the future.  Please call a few days in advance of your work so we have time to efficiently place you on the calendar and to insure we have time to make it to your home in plenty of time before your work is to be completed.

If you have us mark the yard, and the aeration company cuts or damages it, then you should hold them responsible for reimbursing you for our charges.  Our marks on the yard do not guarantee that they will honor the marks, but it gives you the right to demand restitution from them if they screw it up.

We charge to mark your yard before aeration or any other kind of work on your yard. The price depends on the size of the yard (time and materials). In almost every instance it costs less to mark than to fix a fence.

Sometimes an aeration job will not cut thru a wire, but damage it in multiple places. These places will eventually fail in a cascading fashion over time. This type of failure ends up requiring multiple repair trips.  Each trip will cost at least $135.  Those multiple trips usually upset a customer and stresses our relationship with them.  But we cannot find things that are not CUT all the way thru. Consequently, all we can do is respond to your next requests for service. We ask that you remain patient with us as we gradually work our way thru each repair until it finally quits breaking again someday.